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Adsorption BET / Chemisorption



ThermoFisher Scientific Surfer applies the principle of static volumetric gas adsorption (physical and chemical adsorption) under controlled conditions (temperature and pressure) to determine micro structural properties of solids and powders.







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Surfer will determine, depending on the configuration and the type of experiment, the following physical properties

  • Specific surface area (m2/g)
  • Pore size distribution in the meso, micro, ultra-micro and extended mesopore ranges
  • Total pore volume (cc/g)
  • Exposed metal surface area and metal dispersion in catalysts


Surfer is the ultimate evolution for surface area determination. The new Surfer features a number of unmatched advantages and features

  • Improved design of stainless steel manifold (temp. control ±0.01°C) to reach unmatched vacuum degree over the sample thus permitting investigation on new ultra-micro porous materials
  • Extremely reduced manifold dead volume and newly designed sample coolant level control (LN2 level ±0.02 mm) permit to improve gas detection sensitivity by extreme pressure stabilization.
  • Reduced necessary sample load (i.e. special requirements in the pharmaceutical field, in metal powder and catalysts applications) reduces by almost 50% the experiment time
  • New gas injection system based on a proprietary design to introduce precisely extremely small as well as very large amount of adsorptive. The injection system does not add any dead volume to the system during the gas equilibration.
  • New long lasting liquid coolant level control for best stabilization of the pressure in the system

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