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Dynamic Gas Sorption

Horiba SA


Fast, easy, accurate, repeatable, economical surface area measurements of up to 15 analyses per hour with the three station unit are now possible. This is perfect for high volume quality control of fine powders. This series has a built-in computer/key-board/display and automatically calibrates and zeroes before every analysis. Full automation of each step eliminates operator intervention. The system stores up to 100 results which can be printed or transported to a LIMS system.

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Dynamic Measurement of the Specific Surface Area of Powders and Porous Solids

Designed for fast and easy operation, the Horiba SA analyzers provide the best way to measure surface area and pore volume parameters of porous samples. Based on the flow technique, these analyzers are fully automated, thus guaranteeing real quick single or  multi point BET analysis. A precise TCD detector measures the amount of gas adsorbed/desorbed by the sample. The Horiba SA analyzers are the perfect solution for high volume QA labs, providing utmost reproducibility. Accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic calibration routine. A calibrated loop valve injects a known dose of gas before every run. No manual injections are required. To increase the precision in a determined surface area range, the instruments can be calibrated by the use of reference materials.
The analyzer can store up to 100 runs
in the internal memory buffer. Complete result reporting can be directly printed or exported in ASCII format to a computer (LIMS System).


The Horiba SA Series is available in four different configurations to fulfill any analytical and price request.


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