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Inverse Gas Chromatography

Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) is a modern dynamic technique for the characterization of surface and bulk properties of powders, fibers, films, sheets and plates. An enormous variety of information is accessible due to inverse gas chromatographic measurements. Our inverse gas chromatograph allows the determination of:

•    Adsorption energies
•    Surface energies
•    Surface morphology
•    Acid-base parameters
•    Phase transitions
•    Hansen solubility parameters
•    Enthalpies and entropies of adsorption
•    Diffusion coefficients
•    Desorption isotherms
•    Specific surface areas
•    Irreversible adsorption
•    Surface energetic heterogeneities.

Typical application fields are:

•    Porous materials: catalysts, carbon (nanotubes), silicas, clays, etc.
•    Pharmaceuticals: polymorph characterization, drug-carrier interaction, formulation, triboelectric charging, crystalline/amorphous phases characterization
•    Fibers: textiles, natural fibers, glass fibers, fibers in composites, explain adhesion and cohesion
•    Polymers: characterization of transition temperatures, solubility parameters, diffusion coefficients
•    Minerals
•    Surface characterization: control and follow-up of educts, production of fibers, powders, fillers, active substances…
•    Surface modification: monitoring and control of surface treatments (thermal, chemical, ageing, grinding, plasma…


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