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NeuronIC is a modular commercial Inverse Gas Chromatographic (IGC) Analyzer.


NeuronIC was developed in order to characterize materials and their interaction abilities.


NeuronIC is a global, unique and modular Inverse Gas Chromatography system with the aim to optimize your IGC analyses and thus answering your needs.



Advantages of NeuronIC:


Time efficiency

  • Up to 4 samples per day
  • Two samples can be analyzed simultaneously and independently
  • Automatic detection of peak end
  • Retention time prediction
  • Intuitive software


  • Up to 45 molecular probes, easy to manage and replace
  • Temperature range RT - 350°C
  • Concentration range covers easily infinite dilution and finite concentration experiments
  • Modular system easy to upgrade
  • Easy data export 


The basis of our system is the exact and reproducible execution of the experiments and recording of the chromatograms.




Intended for the

Research and Development

Quality Control

To analyze

Organic, mineral and hybrid materials

In the form of

Powders, fibres, liquids, films or sheets

And thus allow

Batch comparison

Stability follow-up

Surface treatment follow-uo

HSP determination

and more

For industry segments


Fine chemicals


Textile and paper


Energetic materials


Please contact us for further information and quotations.




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