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Pressure Swing Adsorption

PSA 1000 / PSA 300

Pressure Swing Adsorption


PSA – Pressure Swing Adsorption dual-bed R&D testing apparatus for materials and process evaluations e.g. for gas separation studies in the range of  5°C – 300°C and from vacuum to 83 bars for volumes up to of 0.25 litres. Options: TSA, VSA, GC-MS.

Designed for all current PSA gas separation studies…

  • Material evaluations for activated carbons, zeolites, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), molecular sieve materials and more… especially effective for mixed-bed testing applications. Study the effects of adsorbate poisoning and simplify critical timecycling studies
  • The PSA-1000 is a complete, automated testing system for use in industrial, academic and government research facilities… delivering the highest levels of flexibility and ease of operation, while meeting the highest standards for pressure safety
  • Because of its hardware design and computer software capabilities, the PSA-1000 is an excellent teaching and research tool within the university environment, such as in “unit operations laboratories”
  • Provides an effective means for demonstrating and verifying computer models of PSA applications in the laboratory

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