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List of Publications

Please see below a part of our published papers.


 A.L. Kolesnikov, N. Georgi, Y.A. Budkov, J. Möllmer, J. Hofmann, J. Adolphs, R. Gläser

Effects of Enhanced Flexibility and Pore Size Distribution on Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Mesoporous Materials

Langmuir 2018, 34(25), 7575-7584.


Zauer, M., Prinz, C., Adolphs, J., Emmerling, F., & Wagenführ, A.

Sorption surfaces and energies of untreated and thermally modified wood evaluated by means of excess surface work (ESW)

Wood Science and Technology 2018, 1-13.


 Georgi, N., Kolesnikov, A., Uhlig, H., Möllmer, J., Rückriem, M., Schreiber, A., Adolphs, J., Enke, D. and Gläser, R.

Characterization of Porous Silica Materials with Water at Ambient Conditions. Calculating the Pore Size Distribution from the Excess Surface Work Disjoining Pressure Model

Chemie Ingenieur Technik 2017, 89: 1679–1685.


A.L. Kolesnikov, H. Uhlig, J. Moellmer, J. Adolphs, Yu.A. Budkov, N. Georgi , D. Enke, R. Glaeser 

Pore size distribution of MCM-41-type silica materials from pseudomorphic transformation - A minimal input data approach based on excess surface work

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 240 (2017)169-177. 


 Adolphs, J.

Thermodynamics and Modeling of Sorption Isotherms

Chemie Ingenieur Technik 88 (2016) 274–281. 


 M. Mainard, J. Adolphs

VASCO FLEX TM - In Situ-Partikelgrößenbestimmung auch in multidispersen Nanopartikel-Mischungen

In: Proceedings Hagener Symposium Pulvermetallurgie Band 34, 403-405 (2015).


K. Rübner, C. Prinz, J. Adolphs, S. Hempel, A. Schnell

Microstructural characterisation of lightweight granules made from masonry rubble

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 209 (2015) 113–121.


M. Rückriem, D. Enke, T. Hahn

Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) as a tool for an energetic characterisation of porous materials

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 209 (2015) 99-104.


J. Adolphs, K. Ruebner, A. Schnell, C. Prinz, B. Peplinski, S. Hempel

Porenstruktur hydrothermal erhärteter Granulate aus Mauerwerkbruch

In: Proceedings IBAUSIL Weimar 2015 Band 2, 291-298 (2015). 


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