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Particle Size Analysis for Nanoparticles

VASCO Particle Size Analyser from 1nm to 10µm – Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) (Cordouan Technologies)

Best innovative solutions for particle size analysis adapted for ultra-diluted sample (0.0001 wt%) or for extra-concentrated sample (up to 40 wt%) for small sample volumes <50µl or on-line

CORDOUAN Technologies offers leading VASCO serial instrumentation for all types of particle size analysis and characterization from the nanometre up to few microns. Measurement of particle size distribution is routinely carried out across a wide range of industries and academics research. Nanoparticle size distribution is often a critical parameter in the manufacture of many products from the advanced research up to the end product.



Innovative ultra-thin layer technology: Dual Thickness Controller

Due to the 90° prism and the elimination of measuring cuvettes cell an extremely flexible and effective measuring system is possible. A simple motion is sufficient to reduce the sample layer from 2 mm to 200 µm. This Dual Thickness Controller for reducing the measurement volume prevents problems due to multiple-scattering as well as local heating and guarantees reliable measurements of dark media or high particle concentrations.

Stable temperature measurement

Controlling the temperature of the sample material is essential during measurements via dynamic light scattering. The ultra-thin expanded analysis layers provide an outstanding thermal coupling to the measuring cell. The desired sample temperature can therefore be reached in minimal time and kept steady at a configurable temperature between 15 °C and 90 °C by means of the Peltier elements.

The principle of DLS

The VASCO uses the thermal motions of particles in suspension (Brownian motion) to determine their size. Here a laser irradiates the sample suspension and the light scattered in a certain direction detected with high time resolution. From the fluctuation of the intensity of the scattered light, the mobility of the particles is derived and via the Stokes-Einstein formula, their size can be calculated.

The patented technology

The design of the VASCO abstains completely from the usual cuvettes. The sample suspension is applied directly on a glass surface from where a laser with adjustable intensity irradiated vertically through it from below. From above, then a second glass surface is set on the suspension and clearly sets the measurement volume. The in a backward-direction scattered light is captured below a fixed angle with a powerful detector and the intensity fluctuation via a so-called correlator processed (Autocorrelation). The obtained autocorrelation function describes how fast or slow the intensity changes. Small particles deliver a fast variation whereas for large particles this is accordingly slower.

Particle size distribution

The powerful Padé-Laplace algorithm interprets the measuring data correctly even in the event of multimodal particle size distributions. Conventional methods such as Cumulant or Contin can also be applied for monodispersed sample. In the multi-acquisition mode, it is possible to measure entire distributions rather than only the average value and the polydispersity-index (PI), as with the widespread Cumulant algorithm.

The typical areas of application - ISO 1331 / FDA 21CFR part 11

Ideal for pigments like ink or chemicals, food (for example milk), pharmaceuticals (FDA 21CFR part 11), cosmetics and samples from the areas of environment and petro chemistry (e.g. motor oil).


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