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Porometer Series 100/500/1000


Porometry for precise measurements of through pores in equilibrium and scanning mode


Liquid displacement Porometer which is used for the rapid and precise measurement of through-pores in materials such as porous membrane, filters, paper, plastics, thin film and many other applications.
Based on many years of experience in porometry, Benelux Scientific has developed the POROLUX 1000, a capillary flow porometer with superior specifications, excellent instrument reproducibility and an unmatched ease-of-use.

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The POROLUX 1000 measures bubble point, maximum pore size, mean flow pore size, minimum pore size, average pore size distribution of uniform materials and air permeability.

Measurable pore size range from +/-15 nm to 300 μm equivalent diameter (depending on the wetting fluid). Standard Pressure Range and Flow Rates 0-35 bar with flow rates of up to 200 liters per minute.

The POROLUX 1000 comes with 3 sample holders: 13mm, 25mm and 47mm. Switching between sample holders is done in a matter of seconds via a quick coupling connection. The availability of 3 sample holders allows the user to analyze a wide range of structures.


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