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Mandate Analysis

It is not always evident, what is the most appropriate analysis method to characterise materials. Further a limited number of analysis may not be sufficient for purchasing and maintaining corresponding equipment.  
Therefore, POROTEC offers in addition to the purchase of equipment the possibility for mandate analysis in our laboratory. 


Please contact Dr. Andreas Schreiber

Please contact us before sending samples to estimate the necessary amount of sample.

Special requirements for sample preparation on request.


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Mercury Porosimetry

One run, Intrusion and Extrusion, Determination of pore volume, pore size distribution, surface area and hysteresis according to DIN 66133, determination of mercury-density according to DIN 51065. Additional determination of the agglomerate volume and calculation of particle size distribution (2nd run) on request.

Gas Adsorption / B.E.T. Specific Surface Area

Nitrogen or Krypton (low surface areas) at 77 K, Argon at 87K, Adsorption und Desorption


Multipoint determination of the BET-surface area according to DIN 66131, Determination of the mesopore size distribution from the adsorption branch according to DIN 66134, Determination of the pore volume according to Gurvich, micro pore analysis according to E-DIN 66135 

Gas Adsorption / Chemisorption

Gases: CO, H2, O2 (up to 450°C)
Determination of the active surface area of supported metal catalysts by volumetric adsorption of the reactive gas.

Helium Density

Determination of the true density of materials with a Helium Pycnometer

Dynamic Vapour Sorption (Water or Organic Solvents)

Adsorption and Desorption: Vapour Sorption-Isotherms up to 98% relative humidity/pressure, with 10 steps (more on request), in a temperature range from 5 to 85°C. Additional adsorption cycle to check reversibility of adsorption (amorphous-crystalline transition, hydrate formation)

Temperature Programmed Analisys TPD/R/O-Characterisation of Catalysts

Temperature Range: 40 - 1100°C, Heating Range: 1 - 20°C/min


Temperature Programmed Desorption - Oxidation

Preparation by saturation with reactive gases (H2, O2, CO, NH3) by request; measurement of the temperature programmed desorption of the reactive gas in an inert gas flow (Ar, N2 od. He). Determination of metal surface area, dispersion degree and metal particle diameter.


Temperature Programmed Reduction - Oxidation

Measurement of the temperature programmed reduction or oxidation wit gas mixtures (H2 in Ar or O2 in He).




Preparation of the sample by oxidation and reduction on request –Pulses of reactive gas in an flow of inert gas (Ar, N2 or He) till saturation. Determination of metal surface area, dispersion degree and metal particle diameter.

Zeta Potential


Determination of the Zeta-Potential and isoelectric point by titration from dispersed particles.


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