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Dynamic Vapour Sorption DVS

Q5000 SA

With integrated serial autosampler - No danger of cross contamination


The TA Q5000 SA is a compact, benchtop instrument required in a leading sorption analyzer designed for the study of materials under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity. Its modern, user-friendly design features a high sensitivity, temperature-controlled thermobalance, an innovative humidity generation system, a 10/25-position autosampler, and our latest Advantage™ software with Platinum™ features.


The patented design features a pair of mass flow controllers (MFCs) that accurately meter and proportion gas to a symmetrical, well-insulated, aluminum block. The block contains a humidifier, gas transmission and mixing lines, plus easily accessible, identically arranged, sample and reference measurement chambers. Temperature regulation of the block interior from 5 °C to 85 °C is performed by four thermoelectric (Peltier) devices in conjunction with a thermistor in a closed-loop system. The mass flow controllers adjust the amounts of wet (saturated) and dry gas to obtain humidities from 0 to 98 %RH. Identical sensors are located adjacent to the sample and reference crucibles, and provide a continuous indication of humidity. Benefits of the design include precise temperature control and highly consistent atmosphere within the sample and reference chambers.

The integral Q5000 SA Autosampler features a programmable multi-position sample carousel that permits automated analysis of up to 10 samples using semi-spherical quartz (or metal-coated quartz) crucibles, and 25 samples using the optional Q5000 IR tray and platinum or sealed aluminum pans. The design provides smooth and efficient loading and unloading of the sample pan without disturbing the balance. All aspects of sample testing are automated and software controlled including pan taring and loading, sample weighing, autosampler movement, furnace movement, pan unloading, and furnace cooling. Autosampler productivity is maximized by our Advantage™ software which provides pre-programmed analysis, comparison, and presentation of results.

TA Instruments allow follow measurements fully automatic


  •  Equilibrium moisture content
  •  Sorption/desorption-isotherms (isobars)
  • Rates of drying and sorption
  • Kinetics of moisture uptake and loss
  • Heats of sorption
  • Diffusion- and permeability constants


Features / Options 

  • FDA 21 CFR Part11
  • Up to 25 Proben seriell
  • Samples to seal 
  • No cross contamination
  • Free programable humidity as steps, ramps and with sinus-modulation
  • Online displayed results
  • Symetric balance, no upswing effect 
  • Automated humidity test
  • Automated baseline test

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