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Humidty Generator

L&C Science RH-200


The RH-200 Relative Humidity Generator is a fully automated, compact, portable bench-top instrument which supplies a specified constant air or nitrogen flow rate with a precision- controlled relative humidity.  The RH-200 is designed to easily integrate with a variety of target systems like laboratory instruments such as X-Ray diffractometers. TGA, TMA, DMA, calorimeters and micro-calorimeters, as well as glove boxes and environmental chambers




  • 0% to 95% RH, controlled by  ± 1.0% RH 
  • From ambient to 50°C
  • Standard flow rate 500 ml/min, option to 10 L/min.  
  • Bench-Top Instrument  20,3cm x 35,6cm x 35,6cm

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28. - 29. November 2019
38. Hagener Symposium Pulvermetallurgie
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